Jon Church

Chatbot Expert

Working with chatbots since 2015

I build Chatbots for brands that create deeper relationships with customers, on platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack, and WeChat.

My Goal: help businesses adapt to tomorrow's world of Conversational Commerce, today.

Contributing knowledge and code to the Open Source project Botkit keeps me at the cutting edge of Chatbot development, making me your Trusted Advisor in a rapidly evolving space.

Follow me on the quest to find true value for Brands beyond the Hype in the ever-changing Chatbot world!

Learn how Chatbots are Helping Businesses Today!

I love learning new technologies and sharing my journey with articles and Github Projects


Here are recent projects I'm proud to have worked on with incredible teams:

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When Cisco debuted it's Bot store for Cisco Spark (the company's work messenger product) I was contracted to create an open source Trello bot project to launch with the Bot Store and act as an example project and starting place for other developers.

Botkit is the largest open source Chatbot Framework, and has a vibrant community.

Based in Node.js, it is used by thousands of developers and companies around the world to build their bots from scratch.

I've been contributing since 2016. Writing code to support new platforms and features, tracking down and squashing bugs reported from users around the world, and helping to guide the community and project's future.

Contributing to Botkit is how I got my start in the world of Chatbots, and is my Open Source home on the net.

If you're interested in Chatbot Development, definitely sign up with our Botkit Development Slack community. Drop me a line @jonchurch while you're at it! 😉


One of my favorite projects to date, 3d Printing in the Cloud startup Farlab's founder Bryan Chappell approached me early in their stealth phase to create v1 of their 3d Print from Slack bot.

Along with design, development, and submission to the Slack App Store, I created v1 of an internal Express REST API to handle files, orders, shipping info, and payment information (using Stripe) across both Slack and the Web.

Bryan found me through my contributions to and presence in the Botkit community, and we set to work designing the User Experience to extend their service to Slack, where teams are working together in real-time.

The product fetches estimates and a rendering of 3d print files sent into chat. The user is able to see in real-time how much a design would cost to print given different materials or finishes.

Look for Farlab's launch in 2018